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Elevating Sandy Spring, MD Home for High-End Buyers


Monarch Prime was approached by a couple in Sandy Spring, MD, who were recent empty
nesters looking to renovate their home with the intention of selling it within the next three
years. They wanted to attract high-end buyers but also wanted to enjoy the revamped space
themselves until the sale. The existing layout of their home lacked character and felt
monotonous, with each room featuring a similar design. Additionally, the homeowners were
facing tough competition from new builds in the area.


To address the homeowners’ goals, Monarch Prime embarked on a renovation project that
focused on enhancing the existing aesthetic while moving away from the repetitive design style.
The kitchen became a focal point of the renovation, and careful attention was given to create a
cohesive look that matched the homeowners’ preferences. One of the standout features was
the addition of arching to the soffit in the kitchen, adding an elegant touch and visually
separating the space from the rest of the house. To maintain consistency, aged copper finishes
were utilized throughout the renovation, aligning with other existing aged finishes and
introducing warmth and a lived-in feel.
To achieve the desired outcome, Monarch Prime collaborated with a trusted partner
specializing in custom cabinets and millwork. This collaboration ensured that the new cabinets
and millwork seamlessly integrated into the overall design, providing both functionality and
The second phase of the project focused on creating separation on the first floor and
addressing the needs of potential buyers, specifically established families with children.
Monarch Prime identified two essential upgrades to cater to this target market: the
establishment of a proper bar area and the addition of a dropzone. These additions were
previously absent in the home but proved to be crucial in competing with new builds and
capturing the attention of potential buyers.


The renovation project undertaken by Monarch Prime successfully transformed the empty
nesters’ home, fulfilling their desires to both enjoy the improved space while living there and
attract high-end buyers when the time came to sell. By introducing architectural details like the
arched soffit and incorporating aged copper finishes, the renovated space exuded
sophistication and charm, setting it apart from the competition. The carefully designed
separation on the first floor, along with the addition of a bar and dropzone area, targeted the
likely buyers and addressed their specific needs.
The family could now relish a home that felt distinct and personalized, with each room offering
its own unique atmosphere. Monarch Prime’s expertise in home renovation, combined with
their attention to detail and understanding of the market, ensured that the final outcome

exceeded the homeowners’ expectations. With a refreshed and captivating design, the house
was poised to make a lasting impression on potential buyers, ultimately helping the family
achieve their goal of selling at a premium price within the desired timeframe.

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