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Delaware Project

Monarch Prime undertook a home renovation project for a family of six located in Chevy Chase,
MD. The family had outgrown their small and inefficient kitchen, and the existing layout did not
meet their needs. Despite the high-end nature of the area, homes often lacked modern
necessities for larger families. In addition to a larger kitchen, the family desired an expanded
coat closet to serve as a mudroom, as well as an eat-in space to unify the kitchen and living
room areas. A load-bearing wall needed to be opened to achieve this, which required significant
HVAC rework and refinishing of the first floor’s oak floors. Additionally, the family wanted a
designated bar area for entertaining, without having to traverse the entire house.

Monarch Prime devised a comprehensive solution to address the family’s requirements and
transform their home into a more functional and cohesive living space. The project
encompassed multiple areas, including the kitchen, coat closet, living room, and bar area.
To create a larger and more efficient kitchen, Monarch Prime made significant changes. They
doubled the size of the kitchen by reworking a load-bearing wall and removing a chimney,
resulting in a more spacious and open layout. This required extensive HVAC rework and the
refinishing of the first-floor oak floors to ensure a seamless transition between the renovated
spaces. The expanded kitchen now provided ample room for the family to comfortably prepare
meals and gather together.
To cater to the needs of a family with four children, Monarch Prime expanded the coat closet,
transforming it into a mudroom. This new space offered practical storage solutions and a
designated area for the children to store their coats, shoes, and other essentials, helping to
maintain a clean and organized home.
To unify the kitchen and living room areas, Monarch Prime created an eat-in space. By opening
the load-bearing wall, a seamless flow was achieved between these two essential spaces. The
eat-in area became a central hub, allowing the family to gather and interact while enjoying
meals or engaging in various activities.
The addition of a bar area fulfilled the family’s desire to entertain without traversing the entire
house. Monarch Prime removed old built-in bookshelves and created a cozy bar nook with glass
doors to display their glassware, adding a touch of sophistication and convenience to their
hosting endeavors.

Monarch Prime’s expertise in home renovation successfully addressed the challenges faced by
the Chevy Chase family. The newly expanded and reconfigured kitchen now provided ample
space for the family to comfortably prepare meals and enjoy each other’s company. The
incorporation of the mudroom enhanced the functionality of the home, ensuring that coats and
shoes were neatly organized, even with four children.

The opening of the load-bearing wall and the addition of the eat-in area created a harmonious
connection between the kitchen and living room, promoting a sense of togetherness for the
family. The designated bar area added a touch of elegance and convenience, making
entertaining a seamless experience.
Overall, Monarch Prime’s transformative renovation helped the family overcome the limitations
of their previous kitchen and provided them with a more spacious, functional, and aesthetically
pleasing home. The changes not only improved their daily living but also increased the value
and desirability of their property within the competitive Chevy Chase market.

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