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Climbing Rose Project

Transforming Rockville, MD Home into a Modern Parisian Oasis

Monarch Prime was approached by a family of four residing in Rockville, MD, who sought
updates for their kitchen, powder room, and master bathroom. The existing spaces were
outdated, lacked cohesiveness, and did not meet the family’s needs and preferences.
Specifically, the wife desired a Parisian-inspired powder room, while the master bathroom felt
cramped and maze-like due to its compartmentalized layout.

Monarch Prime devised a comprehensive solution to address the family’s requirements and
create a harmonious living environment. The project encompassed multiple areas of the home,
including the kitchen, powder room, and master bathroom.
In the kitchen, Monarch Prime removed the existing tile flooring and replaced it with oak
flooring, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, the first floor underwent
refinishing to ensure a cohesive flow throughout the living spaces. To enhance the overall
aesthetic and create a unified look, the living room, breakfast room, and kitchen were
repainted, further establishing a sense of harmony.
The wife’s desire for a Parisian-inspired powder room was fulfilled through meticulous
attention to detail and carefully chosen elements. Monarch Prime incorporated design
elements such as elegant wallpaper, ornate fixtures, and tasteful accents to evoke the desired
ambiance. The result was a powder room that exuded sophistication and captured the essence
of Parisian style.
The master bathroom underwent a significant transformation to alleviate its
compartmentalized and maze-like feel. Monarch Prime opened a wall, removing doors and
creating an open and airy space. This reconfiguration allowed natural light to flow freely,
making the room appear brighter and more spacious. To modernize the bathroom, an outdated
garden tub was replaced with a sleek and contemporary soaking tub, adding a touch of luxury
to the space.

Monarch Prime’s expertise in home renovation successfully transformed the Rockville, MD
residence, improving the functionality and aesthetic appeal of key areas. The updated kitchen,
with its oak flooring and cohesive design, became a welcoming and central gathering space for
the family.
The Parisian-inspired powder room fulfilled the wife’s vision, providing a luxurious and elegant
retreat that showcased Monarch Prime’s attention to detail and commitment to creating
personalized spaces.

The revitalization of the master bathroom brought about a dramatic change, as the removal of
walls and outdated features resulted in a bright and open oasis. The replacement of the garden
tub with a modern soaking tub added a contemporary touch, elevating the overall aesthetic
and providing the family with a tranquil escape.
The renovation project by Monarch Prime not only addressed the family’s immediate needs but
also significantly enhanced the overall value and enjoyment of their home. The cohesive and
updated living spaces now reflect the family’s style and preferences, creating an environment
that promotes comfort and happiness for years to come.

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