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Foxden Project

Transforming Rockville, MD Home into a Timeless Masterpiece

Monarch Prime took on their largest project of the year, involving a complete reconfiguration
of the first floor in a 6,000 square foot home located in Rockville, MD. The existing layout of the
first floor did not meet the homeowners’ needs, and the space felt outdated and disconnected.
The master bedroom, bathroom suite, hall bathroom, powder room, and kitchen required a
significant overhaul to transform the home into a cohesive and luxurious living space.

Monarch Prime approached the project with a focus on custom design and craftsmanship,
incorporating a multitude of custom-designed cabinetry, benches, bars, and nooks throughout
the spaces. The company worked closely with the homeowners to ensure that each area of the
first floor was tailored to their preferences and lifestyle.
The powder room received a moody ambiance, enhanced by the inclusion of a beautiful
wallpaper. This small space became a statement piece, showcasing the attention to detail and
exquisite design choices made by Monarch Prime.
The kitchen underwent a remarkable transformation, more than doubling in size and becoming
the heart of the first floor. This reconfiguration allowed for improved functionality and created
a seamless flow between the kitchen and other living areas. The incorporation of custom
cabinetry added both practical storage solutions and visual appeal to the space.
The hall bathroom took on a modern aesthetic, diverging from the overall style of the home.
Various tiles were skillfully combined to create a unique and distinct atmosphere, setting this
bathroom apart from the rest of the house. The result was a contemporary oasis that perfectly
balanced form and function.
In the master suite, Monarch Prime embarked on a comprehensive revitalization. The space
was stripped down to the studs to improve the layout and remove an old sauna, resulting in a
more open and spacious feel. The design focused on creating a classic and high-end ambiance,
incorporating large format tiles and marble to bring elegance and sophistication to the space.
The choice of sage color for the Bertch bath vanities and makeup table added a touch of
lightness and unity to the overall design.

Monarch Prime’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to custom design resulted in a
truly exceptional transformation of the first floor in Rockville, MD. The reconfiguration of the
space successfully addressed the homeowners’ needs, creating a harmonious and luxurious
living environment.
The incorporation of custom-designed cabinetry, benches, bars, and nooks added both
functionality and style to the various areas throughout the first floor. Each space was

thoughtfully designed, with the powder room serving as a striking feature, the kitchen
becoming the heart of the home, and the hall bathroom offering a modern and distinct
The master suite underwent a complete revitalization, with layout improvements and high-end
finishes elevating the space to a new level of elegance. The master bathroom, in particular,
exuded sophistication through the skillful use of large format tiles and marble, creating a classic
and timeless aesthetic.
Monarch Prime’s expertise in creating personalized and high-quality renovations was
showcased in this project. The result was a stunning and functional first floor that not only met
the homeowners’ desires but also significantly increased the overall value of their home.

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