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Maplecrest Project

From Closed-off to Open and Inviting: A Kitchen Transformation for Family-Centric Living

Monarch Prime tackled a home renovation project involving a closed-off and dated kitchen with
a dysfunctional layout. The rectangular partition and dated marble floors did not meet the
needs and desires of the clients, a family looking to bring intentional living into a functional and
inviting space. They sought a kitchen design that would facilitate family-centric cooking and
provide a gathering place for loved ones from every room of the home. The lack of natural light
and integration with the rest of the house were major challenges to overcome.

Monarch Prime approached the project with a focus on opening up the space and maximizing
natural light. The load-bearing wall that obstructed the flow of light was carefully removed,
creating an open and inviting environment. The kitchen was strategically designed to integrate
the previously separated back of the home, allowing for a seamless connection with other living
During the demolition phase, unexpected issues such as mold and structural integrity problems
were discovered. Monarch Prime took the necessary steps to address these issues, working
closely with their architect to ensure the home was safe and structurally sound before
proceeding with the renovation. This attention to detail and commitment to the clients’ well-
being ensured that the project was completed with the highest standards of quality and safety.
Despite the challenges and changes encountered during the renovation process, the clients
were delighted with the finished product. Monarch Prime delivered a beautiful white kitchen
design that respected the existing colonial features of the home while incorporating
contemporary upgrades. The result was a harmonious blend of classic charm and modern

Monarch Prime’s expertise in home renovation successfully transformed the closed-off and
dated kitchen into a functional and inviting space for the family. The removal of the load-
bearing wall allowed for abundant natural light to fill the kitchen, creating a warm and
welcoming atmosphere. The integration of the kitchen with the rest of the home facilitated
family-centric cooking and provided a central gathering place for loved ones.
The attention to detail and commitment to resolving unexpected challenges ensured that the
home was made safe and structurally sound. The final product delighted the clients, who were
thrilled with their beautiful white kitchen design that seamlessly blended classic colonial
features with contemporary upgrades.
The renovation not only met the clients’ immediate needs but also enhanced the overall value
and livability of their home. Monarch Prime’s transformative work brought intentional living

and functionality to the heart of the home, creating a space where the family can gather, cook,
and create lasting memories.

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